ZEBRA FLEX... if you want to work with professionals.

ZEBRA FLEX is a partner for secondment and temporary work, with a feel for international branches and experience with projects worldwide.

These kinds of contrasts give us dynamism. The dynamics we need to move between employees and employers. For professional staff, both domestic and foreign employees. Always with one goal in mind: the right match. Our employees are professionals from the industry and through years of experience have an eye for placing the right people on the right job. We provide the best matches within the fields of technology, logistics, administration or production.

Where others see local and international as a contrast, that's where our strength lies. Where hospitality and industry seem to be far apart from each other, we know how to apply successful principles in several sectors. We do all this with experienced professionals and young talents. These great contrasts, such as black and white, make us good at what we do and full of character in who we are. And both our candidates and our clients reap the benefits of this.

The NBBU collective agreement applies to our industry.
What does this mean for you?


Weekly and punctual payment


You are entitled to 8,33% holiday allowance, 16 holiday hours each month worked.

Travel time and costs

Reimbursement of travel time and costs

Safety & Quality

Safety is priority number one at ZEBRA FLEX. Our employees use personal protection, tailored to their functions and working conditions. Each employee possesses their own toolkit.

ZEBRA FLEX is duly certified to ensuring that we maintain a high quality management. We are VCU, NEN 4400-1 and ISO 9001 certified.

“Ard from ZEBRA FLEX helped me find my first job in the Netherlands within a short period of time. For technical people like me, who are looking for the right job, I highly recommend ZEBRA FLEX.”
Berkay Bilgen - Engineer