Place a candidate

How we do it

Soon after receiving your request, we'll plan an introductory visit to your organization. We'll be glad to make your acquaintance, have a look around your workplace and discuss the details of working together. The job description, expert profile, location, starting date and expected duration are topics to talk about. All this information is used to determine your ideal match for the job. once we've found the right person for the job, we'll first discuss him or her with you, after which a meeting is arranged at a convenient date and time. If at all possible, we like to accompany our people on their first visit.

Keeping in touch

If everything looks okay, ZEBRA FLEX will negotiate salary conditions with you and we'll lay down a contract agreement on paper. Communication remains important, even after placement. The first week of work concludes with a phone call from us, to see how everything's going. Questions or problems should be nipped in the bud, if at all possible. Generally speaking, we should drop by regularly to evaluate the collaboration and conduct a performance review with our expert if necessary. If needed, we can give pointers for better performance or arrange further training. A thorough evaluation with someone from your organization should occur at least once every year.