Looking for a job?

Sign up with Zebra Flex. We'll work out what kind of assignments suit you best, and we make sure you0re well prepared for the work. Signup happens in several ways. You can either respond directly to an vacancy or you can send an open application. Whichever you choose, you're the key person in our approach.

The way we do it

After receiving your resume, we're likely to give you a call. We'll briefly discuss your wishes and your possibilities. If we're both interested, a more extensive intake takes place at our Zebra Flex office. This meeting is about explaining to you what you can expect from us and what talents you have to offer. Resume, fields of interest, conditions, interesting clients, references; all these come to pass.

Then we'll review our client portfolio to see which assignments we'll put you up for. We'll draft you your 'personal' Zebra Flex resume to send our clients. Any potential match comes with all the information you'll need to get started properly. If a client indicates they'd like to arrange a meeting, we'll come along if at all possible. If it feels right for both sides, we'll handle negotiations for remuneration - duly taking your wishes into account of course.