ZEBRA FLEX HORECA: the place to be for a career in the catering industry

ZEBRA FLEX HORECA was created and continued by joint efforts of experienced consultants from the sector, combined they have over 20 years of experience in the field of pay-rolling professionals and craftsmanship.

Our consultants are professionals who have years of experience in placing the right employee at the right job. We arrange the best matches between employer and employee in the catering industry.

We maintain a policy for keeping our employees completely and fully informed about the conditions and the work to be performed.

The NBBU collective agreement applies to our industry.
What does this mean for you?


Weekly and punctual payment


You are entitled to 8,33% holiday allowance, 16 holiday hours each month worked.

Digital administration and pay slips

Digital administration and pay slips

Quality & growth

Growth and quality are a top priority at ZEBRA FLEX HORECA. We are always open to help our employees complete training to become even better at their trade and continue to grow.